Each wedding is so special to me and always stands out in my memory for a few reasons…first and foremost is the relationship I’ve been honored to build with the couple. After that are the truly beautiful venues and wedding teams I’m fortunate to work with and one or two memories from the day. Here are my personal reflections from this day… May 14, 2022

Intimate Family Wedding at Gray Bridge Wedding Venue, Sultan, WA; PC Joanna Monger Photography

Zack and Brianna are an amazing couple that I was honored to “meet” virtually in the fall before their spring wedding and then I got to meet them when they came back up to Washington for their venue walk-through on Valentine’s Weekend. They are sweet, fun and very gracious. I also love how much respect they have for one another and how much in love they are with each other. The day of their wedding was a typical spring day in Washington…a mix of rain and sunshine and the folks at their venue were prepared for both. Zack and Brianna even had umbrellas for their guests in case it rained during the ceremony…which it did, though just a little bit. Their Coordinator, Photographer, DJ and caterer had everything under control just in case…I’ll share the list of wedding team members below. 

As the wedding started, the guests were seated, the groom, Zack was in his spot (after escorting his future mother-in-law and his own parents to their seats) and their Best Man and Maid of Honor were also in situ…next to come was Colton, the two-year-old ring bearer, extraordinaire. 

A Ring Bearer with Personality:

As it was little Colton’s time to join the procession, I looked up and saw Kerry, the Wedding Planner enticing a smartly dressed little gentleman dressed in a Navy Tuxedo along the path with what I assumed were little candies or snacks. Picture a little bird following a trail of bread crumbs – it was that cute! As he got to the aisle and started to walk down, we realized he didn’t have the ring box. He stopped, went back up the ‘almost too tall for his two-year-old legs’ steps, accepted the box and one more candy (for good measure) and headed back down the steps toward his date with destiny.

A ring bearer with personality; PC Joanna Monger Photography

As he got to the ceremony spot, he headed over to the best man. Little Colton transferred the box, received his payment in the form of a candy diamond ring lollypop and headed back up the steps to sit with his family. As he turned to go, his little fist clenched around his prize, he very excitedly said, “I NEED this!” (in his little two-year-old voice). Laughter exploded from the family all around. 

I need this! PC Joanna Monger Photography

A hush fell…

Then, amazingly, a hush fell. Everyone’s attention was diverted and transfixed as the bride, Brianna gracefully made her entrance through the forest and around the pond and we got to celebrate what we had come to celebrate…the love and commitment of this amazing couple. 

Beautiful Brianna; Photo credit Joanna Monger Photography

A quick note about the venue:

Gray Bridge Venue is a beautiful, magical wedding venue in Sultan, Washington that allows couples and their guests to celebrate in a fun, relaxed and safe atmosphere that also has a touch of whimsy. 

Other Wedding team members: 

Venue: Gray Bridge Venue – 

Wedding Coordinator: Kerry at KW Events& Weddings – 

Photographer: Joanna Monger Photography – 

DJ: Clinton dove – 

Catering: Navi’s catering Kitchen – 

Florist: Pollin in Love – 

Photo booth: Aha Party Co – 

Transportation: Butler Seattle – 

Drinks/Bartending: Party on the Rocks Seattle – 

Cakes and Desserts: Birch Bakery – 

Hair and Make-up: Anne Timms (Mstimmsmakeupartist) – 

Officiant: Chanelle Carlin Weddings – 

Photo credit Roxanne Best

About Chanelle: 

Chanelle Carlin is Your Celebrant for Life. She is an ordained minister, professional wedding officiant, gratitude coach, self-care coach, and owner of Chanelle Carlin Weddings, LLC. Believing that life and love should be celebrated every minute, she collaborates with couples who’ve already started building the foundations of their relationship over the years and are now ready to venture forth into marriage with a custom, memorable (for all the right reasons) elopement/intimate wedding ceremony. While Chanelle works throughout the Pacific Northwest and Ireland primarily, she gladly travels to wherever her couples prefer to marry. As their Celebrant for Life, Chanelle also celebrates all the special milestones and moments that matter in each of her couples’ lives. She lives with her family in rural Okanogan County, Washington, USA, and totally LOVES her life. You can visit Chanelle at, on FacebookInstagram, or Pinterest