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who specializes in outdoor elopements and bespoke intimate wedding ceremonies in the naturally beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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Welcome to Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon



"If you are looking for an officiant for your wedding, look no further than Chanelle Carlin. Chanelle was so personable, kind and accommodating, and she genuinely made the entire wedding-planning process easy and fun. From the beginning, Chanelle took the time to get to know my husband and I as a couple, and she was truly interested in and engaged with what we had to say. She was so respectful of our wishes to have a non-religious ceremony, and she helped create the most beautiful ceremony script that we will remember forever...Congrats in advance on making the BEST possible choice for your wedding by hiring Chanelle!" - Kendle and Dylan



Hi there! Welcome to Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon. First...Congratulations! If you’ve found your way here to our website, you’re most likely getting married or know someone who is and you’re looking for a wedding officiant. 


Conveniently, that’s exactly what we do. 


Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon is a team of experienced, professional Wedding Officiants. Our officiants LOVE celebrating weddings and are honored that you’ve chosen to stop here on our page for a bit.  While we look forward to introducing ourselves to you a little further down the page, it’s most important that we focus on your wedding. After all, it’s your special day that you’re planning.

Your wedding is all about YOU.


How are you feeling? 

  • Excited? Brilliant! 

  • Tired/overwhelmed? Totally understand. 


Planning a wedding is a lot of work. If you’ve just gotten engaged, or are feeling a bit of stress with planning your wedding, feel free to check out Chanelle’s blog post on this topic. Remember, it’s one of the most important days you’re planning and you should be able to enjoy it as well as the process of planning it.



Now...back to your Oregon wedding.


You live your life to the fullest and now you've found that special someone to build a future with. You've already been together as a couple for a while and you’re planning a beautiful life. You’d like to start that next journey together with a wedding ceremony that is uniquely you. As your wedding officiant, we are honored to collaborate with YOU to create a magical, memorable wedding ceremony that is a true reflection of the two of you as a couple. Remember, it's your day, so as we work together: ask all the questions, share with us your dreams, your wishes; We want to ensure that your day is exactly how you want it!

If you’re wondering what an officiant does or whether you need one, you’re not alone. Check out Chanelle’s blog post on this very topic



What types of weddings does Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon officiate?


Couples often reach out to us and say "We just want a simple wedding - nothing too fancy...can you do that?" Or “we want something short and sweet.” While the phrases "simple wedding," "nothing too fancy" and “short and sweet” mean different things to every couple, the simple answer is yes! We can and will happily help you with that.  

We specialize in:


  • custom elopement ceremonies (the couple, their witnesses & photographers)
  • intimate weddings (micro-weddings -10-30 guests and minimony's - up to 10 guests) set in natural settings; it is Oregon, after all. 


A custom ceremony is one that we create with you to fit your personalities, your one-of-a-kind love story and your vision for your ideal ceremony. That's it in a nutshell. Simple, right? 



We are legally ordained to officiate weddings in Oregon, so you can be assured that your marriage will be legal and valid.


As ministers, we happily officiate non-denominational Christian weddings, however, most of the weddings Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon officiates are non-religious or multi-cultural.

Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon also supports marriage equality, including LGBTQ weddings, so if you're legally able to wed, we will joyfully support you in getting married. If you’re already married legally, but want to have a special ceremony or renew your vows, we’ll be delighted to help with that too.


We are also licensed and insured so you have confidence that we will be at your wedding when we say we'll be there. Your wedding is as important to us as it is to you (just probably for slightly different reasons).

Where will we travel to officiate?

Another question we receive a lot is where we officiate weddings and will we travel? We are happy to travel to your dream location and officiate weddings all over the state of Oregon. So, whether you dream of a summer wedding at your favorite golf course, a ceremony on your favorite hiking trail overlooking the Gorge, on the grounds of your favorite Troutdale Winery/Distillery (think Edgefield), reach out today and start a conversation about creating your dream wedding ceremony! Here's something that will hopefully help: All travel fees are included.

If you’re looking at something a little more out of the way, like Crater Lake, the Painted Hills, or Southern Oregon, please inquire with us. It’s our passion to serve the couples that we align with and we want to make sure your wedding matches your vision. It is such a thrilling part of our job to go to places that are out of the ordinary and perhaps out of proximity, we don’t really limit where we are willing to travel to officiate.


Who are we?

We are YOUR elopement and intimate wedding officiants. Our officiants have officiated hundreds of custom elopements and intimate weddings. We love weddings and helping each couple celebrate their love with a unique wedding or elopement ceremony is our passion.  
Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon is a subsidiary of Chanelle Carlin Weddings, LLC (based North Central Washington state). At the end of 2020, Chanelle Carlin, founder of Chanelle Carlin Weddings, LLC acquired Sarah's Weddings of Portland, Oregon and opened her second Pacific Northwest location in Scappoose. In order to best serve her Oregon couples, Chanelle also works with Angie DeRouchie, another experienced officiant who loves to celebrate couples’ marriages as much as she does.


Here is a bit more info about the ladies behind the scenes at Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon:  














Chanelle (our founder)...  

Hi! I’m Chanelle, and I am simply a lover of life and love. I have traveled the world, lived in Ireland for 8 years and now live in rural Okanogan County, Washington, USA (about 50 miles from Canada) with my family. Some of my favorite things are: Christmas, orange kitties, dachshunds, traveling, hiking, watching old musicals, spending time with my family and enjoying a cup of coffee in the morning while the sun rises or a glass of wine in the evening watching the sun set. I also LOVE helping couples celebrate their love in their own, unique style and believe that life and love should be celebrated every minute!  My Dad and my brother live in Scappoose, Oregon with their families and getting to spend more time with them was one of the motivating factors behind opening Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon. 

Angie (Queen of CCWeddings of Oregon officiants)...

I am a native Oregonian, born and raised on a small farm in rural Clackamas County.   I completed my ministerial training in 2007 and was ordained on Dec 6, 2007.  Since then I have officiated at weddings, naming/welcoming ceremonies for newborns, and at celebration of life memorial services.  I love working with couples and families to craft a ceremony that reflects their love and personalities, and honors these important life events. Regardless of age, circumstance, or style of wedding, it is a true joy to watch that moment when a couple joins their lives together. At Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon we consider it our privilege to make sure you have the ceremony that celebrates this, and lives up to the months of preparation and anticipation! 






Working with Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon - What does that look like?

You will have your initial FREE consultation meeting (virtually or in-person – mostly virtually right now) We will talk about your wants and don’t wants, the ceremony creation process and what working with us feels like, and answer any questions you may have...then we’ll determine whether we’re the right fit for each other. 

If we are the right fit and you want to work with us, Chanelle will email you a link to an electronic contract, you sign it and pay the $500 retainer, and we are locked in for your date and time! All done on-line - super simple. 

We will lead you through every step: Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon officiants have been officiating for a number of years now. We will walk you through the ceremony creation process, the "how and when you get your marriage license," and all of the other needed details to ensure you are legally married. Most everything can be done electronically and remotely (Except the wedding of course)! It’s our desire to make sure this is an easy process, no matter where you live and how busy your full life already is.


You will have a couple of questionnaires from Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon to help us prepare your draft ceremony script: Because it would be tough for us to create a ceremony that is a perfect reflection of the two of you all by ourselves. Your input helps us make sure every part of the ceremony reflects your personalities and allows us to share your story as you want it to be shared. By completing the questionnaires, we can spend our time chatting about the details and having fun. 


Assistance with writing or choosing your vows: Vows can be scary for some know...wanting to get them just right. If you want our help, we will guide you, give you suggestions, and samples too. 


Fine-tuning the draft for your ideal ceremony: We work together to make sure it all fits your personalities as a couple and represents your vision for your ideal ceremony. We go until we get it just right for you.  


Your ceremony will be delivered by your officiant with the emotion that it deserves: We are truly honored to be celebrating you and YOUR marriage. One of Chanelle’s couples said it's obvious by the look on her face during their ceremony that she loves what she does. We promise to be professional, punctual, caring and at our very best!


Some Bonus Add-ons that really make Chanelle Carlin Wedding of Oregon’s services one of a kind:

Chanelle Carlin Weddings of Oregon takes care of returning your marriage certificate:

After your wedding, we take care of promptly submitting your license, either by hand or by certified mail (depending on the issuing county of the license) and make sure a certified copy is sent to you. If the county doesn't already include it with your fee (some do), we will pay the fee for your first certified copy. 


Immediate important details follow-up:
We will send you details about getting additional certified copies of your marriage certificate and doing your name change (if either or both of you are changing). We will also send you a non-certified copy of the submitted license and a text with the tracking number. A couple of weeks later, we’ll will follow up with you to make sure you have received your documents from the county. 

As part of the celebration of your marriage, you also receive a hand-crafted wood ring box to use at your ceremony and to keep afterwards - to keep your wedding ring safe during those times you have to take it off; a copy of your final ceremony script, a beautiful souvenir certificate that we create for you and a surprise gift from us.



We also keep in touch on your monthaversary and anniversary for as long as you enjoy having us celebrate your marriage with you! You also receive priority status regarding officiating for your future celebrations (for example, baby/child blessings, house blessings, family funerals).



Chanelle Carlin Wedding of Oregon's pricing is simple and straightforward. For a customized, one-of-a-kind ceremony that celebrates your love, professional, expert officiating and everything discussed above, the fee is just $997.00. A retainer of $500.00 is required to hold your date and book our services. 

The $997.00 USD all inclusive fee (no extra surprise costs) covers all the time dedicated to writing and designing your custom ceremony that truly celebrates you and your very special, one-of-a-kind relationship. It also includes as much guidance and communication as needed, as well as the time prepping for and officiating your ceremony. Also included are mileage and travel exepenses and attendance at your rehearsal. Your retainer is subtracted from this amount.






If you are looking for a professional, compassionate wedding officiant for your outdoor elopement or intimate wedding ceremony in Oregon, please contact us.

Even though the demand for our services increases year after year, we are sometimes available on short notice. If one of us isn’t available for some reason, we will gladly help you find another officiant.

So, whether you've got plenty of time because your wedding is a year away, or it's right around the corner and you need an officiant right away (or somewhere in the middle), reach out. Book your complimentary consultation and we will happily answer your questions.


Thanks! We look forward to talking with you soon.