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who specializes in outdoor elopements and bespoke intimate wedding ceremonies in the naturally beautiful Pacific Northwest.

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I love, love, LOVE being a Leavenworth wedding officiant. It’s truly one of my favorite places on earth.



                                                                                          Leavenworth is a Bavarian-styled village in the Cascade Mountains, in central Washington State,

                                                                                          a lifetime away from the big cities on the western side of the state. Alpine-style buildings with

                                                                                          restaurants serving German beer and food line Front Street. The Nutcracker Museum

                                                                                          displays thousands of nutcrackers, some dating back centuries. On the Wenatchee River,

                                                                                          Waterfront Park is a habitat for ospreys and eagles. 


                                                                                          Originally called Icicle Flats, Leavenworth was first settled in about 1885 as a trading post.

                                                                                          In the mid-20th century, Leavenworth used the natural beauty of the North Cascades and the

                                                                                          resemblance to the Bavarian Alps region of southern Germany to recreate itself as a Bavarian-                                                                                                style vacation destination.




Whether you’re into spas, geocaching, outdoor theatre, wine tours, or interesting museums, Leavenworth has what you’re looking for. Known now for its famous Christmas-lighting ceremonies, Leavenworth is undeniably magical in the wintertime and is a perfect home-base for a multitude of snowy activities. It’s also home to one of the most popular Oktoberfest events in the Pacific Northwest.  AND…if your definition of rugged footwear involves heels higher than three inches, visit the sumptuous spas, world-class wineries, and fragrant farmers’ markets. You can also enjoy a fabulous meal out at one of the super yummy, yet ‘relaxed with great service’ eateries. Sounds fabulous, right? Since you chose the Leavenworth area, I’m sure that is at least part of the reason you want to exchange your vows there.


Your Leavenworth Wedding Officiant


As a Leavenworth wedding officiant, I get to go to the mountains all the time to just "be," breathe and guide couples like you through this incredibly intimate experience. We laugh and we have fun, but we also take the time to be fully present in the moment as you say your vows. Then we celebrate!


                                                                    Whether you’re eloping on the deck of your air B&B overlooking the Wenatchee River after a day of                                                                                      skiing, having an intimate wedding with just a few family/friends at Mountain Springs Lodge or Beecher                                                                                Hill House or having a fun little elopement ceremony in the Front Street Park Gazebo in the center of town

                                                                    surrounded by Christmas lights and kids sledding down the snowy slope, I want to be your Leavenworth                                                                                wedding officiant and celebrate with you!









Chanelle Carlin Weddings - $997.00

A beautiful, meaningful custom-written ceremony

to celebrate your personalities and one of a kind

love story, (approved by you, of course) and

performed by an award-winning officiant who

genuinely cares about you (that's me!)


* Unlimited communication (meetings, calls,

texts, Zoom calls) for planning the details for

your ceremony and over all support.

* Filing of your Marriage Certificate with the

issuing county and certified copy of Marriage

Certificate sent to you for your records,

giving you the confidence that you are legally


* Handcrafted, personalized keepsake ring box for use

during the ceremony and forever more for

those times when you need to take off your wedding bands but want to keep them safe.

* Beautiful, custom designed souvenir Certificate of Marriage (suitable for framing)

* Donation of $100.00 in your names to one of six pre-selected non-profit organizations (your choice)

* Attendance at your rehearsal if you're having one.


 All of my travel/mileage expenses are already included.



Why You Should Choose Chanelle as Your Leavenworth Wedding Officiant


Chanelle was absolutely fabulous! She went above and beyond our expectations, highly recommend! - Darryl and Kaitlyn (Front Street Park Gazebo)



I absolutely love Chanelle! She is so loving, caring and her words wise

and sincere! I am so thankful that she was my Officiant for our wedding!

I highly recommend her. She was the best! Thank you so much, The Hoopers❤

- Cassi and Drew (Beecher Hill House) 



Chanelle was with us every step of the way from planning our ceremony

to braving the strong winds the day of. Her professionalism and kindness

exceeded our expectations completely. I will never forget Chanelle’s response

to my question as to whether or not our guests could hear our vows during

the strong winds and choppy waves making it difficult to hear. Chanelle so

beautifully said “God heard you”. Thank you Chanelle for being there to

support our wedding, taking the time to get to know us and caring so much

about us. We are so happy you were a part of our day. - Brianna and Hieu

(Wenatchee River B&B)



She was fantastic, having a conversation with us before writing up our

ceremony "speech," which represented us very well, had humor that directly

reflected us, and asked is questions we hadn't had to give answers to before. She helped make suggestions as to what quotes might fit and got what we value about rings and being married and blended it right in. She was wonderful in person, goes with the flow and helped us focus on each other and was like an extra family member. We invited her and her husband to stay and they were gracious guests and a pleasure to be with.  - Lara and Devon (Mountain Springs Lodge)



Chanelle was so sweet to work with. She stayed in contact with us as the date got closer and sent reminders for getting our marriage license. Chanelle went out of her way to meet with us about a month out. We sat and chatted over lunch. It was so comforting to know she would make sure everything went well. She helped us with the ceremony plans and helped us make our ceremony unique to us. Highly recommend Chanelle.  - Anita and Brad (Mountain Springs Lodge)


Do you have questions for this Leavenworth wedding officiant or want to schedule your complimentary consultation? Fill out the form below and I’ll be happy to respond to you personally.











View of downtown Leavenworth - bavarian style buildings, mountain in background, blue sky view
Officiant and couple holding hands at Front Street Park Gazebo elopement in downtown Leavenworth
Intimate winter wedding in snow with bridal party wearing hiking boots
black and white image of couple holding hands, officiant, flower laden arch, wedding party with small children
Photo Credit: Cured By Visconti