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who specializes in outdoor elopements and bespoke intimate wedding ceremonies in the naturally beautiful Pacific Northwest, including Oregon and North Idaho.

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You live your life to the fullest and now you've found that special someone to build a future with. You're dreaming of a wonderful life together and want to start it off with a wedding ceremony that is uniquely you. As your wedding officiant, I am honored to collaborate with YOU to create a magical, memorable wedding ceremony that is a true reflection of the two of you as a couple and that celebrates your one of a kind love story.


Thank you for visiting Chanelle Carlin Weddings.


My name is Chanelle Carlin and I am an expert wedding officiant located in the beautiful PNW of the US. I specialize in elopements and intimate weddings in natural settings throughout Washington, Oregon and North Idaho. 


As your wedding officiant, Chanelle


  • makes sure that your marriage is legal.
  • helps you make sure you acquire your marriage license in a timely fashion (before your wedding or elopement).
  • has the responsibility of celebrating and encapsulating the boundless, unique love that is you and your partner's relationship.
  • provides a high touch celebration of your wedding and life's milestones going forward.


Please stay awhile :-) and if you are newly engaged, or looking for a wedding or elopement officiant that you align with + you feel connected with me and MY work, contact me by hitting the button below!





What Does a Wedding Officiant Do & Tips from an Officiant For Your Wedding Day





HELP! I’m getting married. We want a beautiful ceremony that is unique to us, but I don’t even know where to start.


First, Congratulations on your engagement! This is an amazing time and planning your wedding should be fun. You’re preparing a celebration to begin the rest of your lives together. If you haven’t already, take some time away from planning to just breathe and enjoy the bliss of your engagement. 


I receive a lot of questions from couples who don’t even know where to start thinking about their wedding event, let alone their ceremony (the part during which they actually get married) and they start feeling stressed. Fortunately, while there can be a lot to consider when planning a wedding and putting together a wedding ceremony, you don’t have to do everything by yourself.


In fact, for every part of your special day, there is a wedding professional available and desiring to assist you: Wedding Venues, Wedding Planners, Florists, Stylists, and Stationary designers, Party Rentals, Caterers, Bakers, DJ’s, Musicians, Photographers, Videographers Jewelers, Tailors, Retailers, Hotels AND, of course Officiants. Each professional can lead you to another.


As your Wedding Officiant, my basic role is to help you create a ceremony that fits your personalities and vision for your perfect elopement or intimate wedding, provide expert, caring officiating for you on the day AND make sure you’re legally married. Yep…that’s a thing. 



Some things to think about when making decisions about your wedding ceremony:


  • How do you want your ceremony to feel for you and your guests? If you start here, your Officiant can help you with the rest.
  • Do you want a faith based ceremony? Non-religious? A combination? multi-cultural? themed?
  • Would you like an outdoor ceremony or indoor ceremony?
  • Do you want a large event that includes all your family and friends, or an intimate affair with just a few?  
  • How many people (if any) you want to be in your wedding party;
  • Do you want any readings or music before or during the ceremony? These add to the feel, without adding to the length of your ceremony
  • Would you like some traditional vows, to create your own vows or have a combination of the two? and
  • What type of unity ritual you would like (if any)? This is a great way to honor your family/ cultural backgrounds.


Most ceremonies officiated by professional officiants take around 15-20 minutes to complete from the time you enter until you're pronounced married. If you have lots of elements, it may go a little longer, but not terribly long. Really, the sky's the limit when it comes to how you want your wedding ceremony to feel. Just remember that it’s your wedding so it will be beautiful. 


Finally, as I mentioned above, as your officiant, it is my role to make sure your marriage is legal. Depending upon the state, there may be a waiting period, a witness requirement and there’s an expiration date that the marriage must take place within. For instance, in the State of Washington there is a three day waiting period, and it’s only valid for 60 days, so once you receive your marriage certificate, you must wait three days to get married and the marriage must take place before the expiration date of the license. The state also requires your officiant, the couple and two witnesses (over the age of 18 and competent), to sign the license. The Officiant is then required to return it to the county of origin. If you have questions about this, remember to talk with your officiant or send me an email. 


Remember, your wedding is a very special day for you and your guests, but it is YOUR day as a couple. Thankfully, there is no right or wrong way to do a wedding anymore.  It can look and feel any way that you want it to look and feel and that will make it perfect for the two of you.




Chanelle Carlin is an ordained minister, professional wedding officiant, author, gratitude coach and owner of Chanelle Carlin Weddings, LLC. Chanelle believes that life and love should be celebrated every minute. She collaborates with couples who’ve found “The ONE” to create custom, memorable ceremonies for their intimate wedding or elopement in the naturally beautiful Pacific Northwest. She lives with her family in rural Okanogan County, Washington, USA and LOVES traveling throughout the Pacific Northwest to officiate weddings. You can visit Chanelle at, on Facebook, Instagram, or Pinterest.